Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Yatra - 2014 with Dushyanth Sridhar and Beyond Boundaries

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  1. Me and my wife were among the audience that listened to the discourse of Shri Dushyant Sridhar at Shanmukhananda on 26th January evening.

    Before I react to the announcement made at the end of the discourse, a line on the oration. After the discourse, as the audience came out of Shanmukhananda, all of them were unanimous in praising Dushyant Sridhar and amazed at his knowledge and oratory power at such a young age. In my opinion, this must serve as a serious criticism of the discourse. Over a period of next few years the orator must strive to get this reaction changed from the "Orator" to the "Subject", and therein will lie his success and the elevation of the audience to a large extent.

    Me and my wife are desirous of joining the trip to the 50+ temples in August - September, about which an announcement was made.

    Please let me have the details by mail so that I can decide on my desire.

    Thanks & Regards

    M.V.C. Ram
    Ph: 91 90078 21642